Yesterday I attended an event called "How to Hook an Agent" run by Bloomsbury, the publishers of Harry Potter and the Writer's and Artist's Yearbook.  I and another twenty something aspiring authors got to meet four very interesting and helpful literary agents, two of whom work with Children's fiction.

The day covered how your submissions should be structured and what agents look for. I was pleased to note that I was already doing the majority of things right and was the only person who had actually had any agents ask to see their manuscripts so I was quite encouraged.  Also both of the children's agents seemed keen on my book (the idea and the title) when I pitched it to them, one taking away the details with her and the other inviting me to send it by email because she's gone paperless.

Lots of useful advice and invaluable personal contact with agents, surrounded by books and JK Rowling's platinum book awards in one of the most famous literary centres in the world.  Inspiring and thoroughly worthwhile.