Looks like all my eggs are back in one basket again. The second agent who asked for the manuscript last week came back to me on Friday to say that while she'd hugely enjoyed it, she didn't feel the 100% commitment that she'd need to represent me.  I had originally been hoping for more feedback but I'd read during the week that a lot of agents give fairly general feedback as they don't want to steer writers in the wrong direction. In all honesty I'd already been looking at the other writers she represents and they were all very different in style to me. This realisation had the effect of toning down my excitement somewhat so when she got back in touch, it wasn't too hard a blow.

So that leaves the first agent to ask for the manuscript. She's informed me that it's in a queue and she'll read it as soon as she can. This isn't unusual, so I'm just going to wait it out.  Hopefully she'll like it but if not, there are plenty more children's agents I've yet to try. 

In the meantime, I'm pressing on with the planning of book 2 (up to Chapter 47). Now if I can just avoid the siren call of Facebook and the internet for a couple more hours, that would be spiffing.  TTFN