Maybe it's just the fact that I had my first day back at the day job, perhaps it's because I went for my first run of the year today, quite possibly it's just the potential embarrassment of blogging yet another day of time wasting but whatever it is, I actually did enough work on the second book today to feel like I no longer have to hang my head in shame.

I'm still at the planning/plotting out stage, which is my least favourite bit (if you don't count proof reading - something my volunteer readers will attest I do not excel at) but I've managed to plot out 4 chapters in all, taking me to Chapter 27 which is approx half way.  Of course these will probably change a lot once I actually write them but there are some bits in there I'm pretty sure will stay in, including the first bit of time travel in this book. 

I could go on working tonight but experience tells me that if I do, I'll have a really hard job trying to sleep later which will be counterproductive tomorrow, so I'm going to sign off and read something instead. Jolly sensible of me (for a change) I think.  More tomorrow hopefully.