At long last I can finally reveal that I've signed with an agent - The Ben Illis Literary Agency (

I've been in touch with Ben Illis - My agent - (just trying the phrase out there. Feels kinda good) for more than a year, ever since I submitted to A.M. Heath - the oldest literary agency in the country, which Ben's agency is affiliated to. Their children's agent was just about to retire and she referred my manuscript to Ben, who contacted me to say he loved the book and the main character. He gave me a lot of positive feedback, but there was a teensy problem -it was just a little bit (40%) too long...

Well anyone that's followed my blog knows the editing journey I went on. I stayed in touch with Ben throughout the process and he provided me with encouragement and advice. Finally, he suggested I get a 'final polish' in the form of an edit by a professional. He recommended Catherine Coe ( if you're an aspiring author and want your book to be as good as it can be.) She made the book even shorter and punchier, teaching me more than a thing or two along the way. I can't recommend her enough.

I've read a few of the books that Ben represents and have liked them all (the recent winner of the Scottish Children's Book of the Year - Ferryman by Claire McFall for example), plus I've been in touch with some of the writers he represents and they were very happy and what's more, on my wavelength.  Anyway, Ben contacted me last week and asked me if I'd like to sign with him. He's already demonstrated that he "gets" Pandora Wolfe and knows what I want to do with the story, which he believes has a lot of potential.  He's also a very nice chap. I agreed immediately and my signed contracts went off in the post that night. I think we'll have a very productive working relationship.

The next stage now is for Ben to start pitching my book to editors. I for one can't wait.

Very happy writer.