I've been looking through my plan now for over three hours and have somehow managed to do almost no work on it other than a few minor changes to about 3 sentences despite being busy for the whole time. On the other hand I've spent ages on Facebook and this website, checking the "likes" and chatting to friends to encourage them to visit. The facebook page in particular has proved an immensely successful work avoiding mechanism, especially since I am still technically doing work "for my book", even if it is just periodically hitting refresh to see if any new likes have appeared or, since I passed the threshold that means I can view analytics of the page views etc, constantly clicking on the graphs etc to analyse the tiny number of views and see whether my 4 blog posts have gone viral yet.

Must do better tomorrow.  No doubt I'll be extra motivated after returning to work.  Damn. Shouldn't have mentioned that. I'm thinking about it now and I'd gotten really good at this denial thing.  Ah well. TTFN and I'll update you when I've done some actual work.