Another productive evening.  Despite coming home feeling like an arthritic octogenarian from my first couple of gym visits of the year, I sat down and immediately cracked on with the planning.  A couple of hours later and I had another 3 chapters plotted out which is enough for one evening. 

I'd originally thought the blogging, the facebooking etc would prove a massive distraction from actual writing (and so it did while the novelty of constantly hitting the refresh button to see the extra likes generated by my begging, cajoling and spamming activities with people I'm lucky are still friends). However, after the novelty wore off and some people commented on my blog posts (in person and on the site) I suddenly realised that at least some people were actually reading what I was saying.  Add to that the fact that my page has now got 46 likes and has had over 150 visits.

This has put a whole new spin on it all.  If I don't do any work, then I either let the blog die a natural death and forget using it as shiny agent bait or I have to find filler material talking about my writing without actually doing any (which is sort of pointless in a writing blog).  After only a short time spent considering it and I realised that this would actually be more work than doing the writing itself, so I decided to get on and do some.  As always, the more I get into the writing, the easier it is, so I'm making more progress in the last week than I did in the previous month (though a goodly part of that month was admittedly spent watching TV and attempting to double my weight by prodigious consumption of turkey and chocolate), all because I'd be a bit embarrassed to keep reporting that I'd skived off and watched repeats of star trek instead of completing my sequel.

So it seems that blogging is my Jiminy Cricket.  Keep replying and commenting. It's done wonders for my motivation.