Today has been a very mixed day in dealing with literary agents.  One of them came back last night saying that she had liked the idea but had not "connected with the voice" which I think means that she doesn't like my style (the precise opposite of the comments the last agent made) so the book wasn't for her.  She was very nice about it and I was grateful she'd taken the time to read it (she got back after four weeks which was good going), but I'd be lying if I said I felt great afterwards.

Anyway, I'd promised to update the other agent (who has my manuscript since before Christmas) on developments - she had already updated me previously that she'd sent it to a colleague for a second look - and she replied that she's now heard from that colleague who said it wasn't for her, but a third agent at the agency has now asked to read it.  Let's hope it goes down better with him!  I emailed back and thanked her for the second bite at the cherry.

I suppose it's great that now 5 agents will have wanted to read the book but the waiting certainly messes with your head.  Anyhow I'm cracking on with the sequel.  Negativity never helped anyone*

*real people.  It's a total boost for bad guys - Sith Lords, dementors, Jeremy Kyle etc.