Firstly, welcome to all the new people who’ve found their way here.  We’re up to 52 likes on the Facebook page and 96 on the website so thank you all and I hope you’ll stick with us until publication and beyond.


Today is a planned night off writing so just a quick post. I won’t be giving away massive spoilers to say that The Chronomancer’s Daughter involves time travel, as does the sequel.


And it got me to wondering just what people’s views were on time travel (except those who’ve read the book who already know the position in Pandora’s world) so I thought I’d pose you all a question.


Imagine a situation where you are given a device that lets you travel a week back in time.  You immediately decide to go back to last weekend and give your past self the winning Lotto numbers.  As far as I can see there are three ways it could go:-


1)      You change history and are now millions of pounds richer.

2)      You try to change history but something happens (e.g. you are too late to put your numbers on before the draw closes) because you can’t alter the past.

3)      You change history and create a new timeline where you are a millionaire but in your old timeline (the one you came from) nothing changes and you go back to your life of poverty.


What do you think would happen (do you think there are other options?) and why?