Hi all and apologies for not updating sooner, but as I'm sure I've mentioned earlier, the publishing business is glacially slow and it's either accept it or go crazy, so I've opted for acceptance.

Things may be slow, but they DO move.  Pandora is still out on submission and is still being read with interest by publishers.   Frustratingly, most feedback from those who were not interested was along the lines that they really liked the book but either it was just "not quite right for them" or similar to another book they were already working on.  This, of course gave me nothing to go on.

In the interim, I've done significant work on a Pandora Wolfe sequel, but I've decided that until book one finds a home (which could end up making significant changes to the story) I'll hold off doing any more and I've begun to sketch out a number of alternative children's books to work on in the meantime.

No sooner did I make that decision, than I received some fairly significant feedback from a major publisher, who enjoyed the book, think it shows a lot of promise, but also think that it needs some changes before they'd want to see it again.  Now I'm under no obligation to do anything as there is nothing concrete on offer, but so far I've done well by listening to the advice of people who publish children's books for a living, so I'm going to give it a shot.

My next few weeks will be spent addressing their editorial concerns and adding an element (a major reveal) into the story that I had been saving for book two that has a direct bearing on Pan's origins, tying it more closely to the central part of the book.

Obviously I might be contacted by other publishers in the meantime, but I think for now this is a practical use of my time. I'll keep you all posted with how it goes.